If you are having a home built by home builders, the truth is that no matter how you have planned ahead regarding the many things, aspects, facets, features, and amenities of the home you dream of having, there will always be changes made halfway during construction.  Of course, if you request certain changes in the home’s design plan, then you are basically nullifying some of the contents agreed upon that are written in the contract.  Whether the changes you request are subtle, extensive, and/or labor intensive, there will be modifications that need to be made with the contract that will need to be signed by both parties.

Home BuildersThere are instances wherein client and future homeowner continually keeps adding work additions to the home construction project.  Due to this, the overall build never seems to get finished.  This actually is not good for both client and contractor as contract additional keeps on adding and the deadline date keeps on moving further.  It is wiser to actually have the initially planned home construction built and finished first.  Once the home is finished, you can consider requesting additional work.  Since the home build has already been finished, new work request will no longer fall within the contract content.

If the initial design plan of your home had only one window on the south side area of the second floor, requesting modification changes to the plan by having two windows instead of one means you will need to pay for the design changes.  While this may seem ridiculous at first, if you think about it, the quote estimate given to you by your contractor was based on plan specifications made for the home.  The home builder will have likely calculated near estimate price figures so he can competitively bid his quote.  Doing that little change you are requesting actually affects his margin for profit.  To effectively counter this potential loss of profit, your contractor will request additional payment for the modification.

Even though certain modifications are unavoidable during the construction process, if you discuss the matter carefully and amicably with your home builder, it is even possible for the contractor to reconsider placing any additional fees on your last payment once the home gets turned over to you.  This is why it pays to be friendly with your home builder.